Srishti Collective 2018

A branding and spatial design project


Srishti Collective is an annual curated exhibition of projects created by graduating batch of students from Srishti.
This branding project aimed to embody the characteristics that represent Srishti and this year's collective.


Kumkum Nadig Nupur Banerjee


Select Iterations

Logo A
In this logo, Srishti Collective is represented as a stylised circuit with elements representing the letters "S" and "C". Similar to the notion of an electrical circuit, this logo evokes the idea of containing, channelling and transforming the energy of Srishti's many students and faculty to create a singular, powerful experience: the Collective. The arcs used to denote "S" and "C" represent opening doors, while the dot acts as an element representing concentrated energy.
Logo B
This logo plays with the idea of individual pieces connecting together to make a whole. The foreground depicts blocks coming together around a central dot; the background depicts the inter wining of the letters S and C, representing the Srishti collective. The dot focuses the attention and acts as the centre of the logo. The rotation denotes dynamism and intrigue.

Final Logo — Collaborative Work



Photo credit: Mahesh Bhatt