I Sit & Think

A book of compositions based on Tolkien's poem

Artist's Note

This poem inspires me to go and see as much of the world as I can before it is too late. Also, an important theme of the poem to note is that no one can ever see, feel, experience, or know everything.
The world holds boundless opportunities, and it is up to us to utilize every chance that comes our way. It is important that we must enter the world with an understanding that there will always be regrets, and that we cannot live forever. In that sense, the poem sets in a beautiful mood and has imagery in itself.
Poetry is different from fiction. We do not read it to reach the end of a story. Instead, poetry is best consumed slowly with plenty of time to think and absorb what‘s being presented. It‘s like the difference between climbing a mountain and walking around in a meadow.
Reading fiction is like mountain climbing. You want to get to the peak or the climax of the story. Reading poetry is more like wandering in a meadow. You have no place you‘re trying to get to, but each step along the way there are sights to be seen, lessons to be taken and living every experience. The faster you move, the more you‘ll miss, but if you slow down and look closely, there are layers upon layers of life in everything that we see.