Let's Put a Pin on It

Uncovering perspectives with interactive physicalization of data


The physicalization of data in combination with elements of gamification can potentially be an effective way to captivate an audience and to uncover their perspectives. This project presents an interactive physical visualisation exhibited at the Agami Summit, 2019 along with the Gramener Storylabs team.

My Role

After the analysis and insight gathering phase done along with the team, I designed questions around interesting insights from the data, conceptualised the physical visualisation, iterated on prototypes and was responsible for the final production. At the event, I helped the audience engage with the visualisation and gathered their feedback.

About the Event

The Agami Summit is an annual gathering of changemakers in law and justice with the aim of sharing stories, ideas, and perspectives. This year the theme of the summit was “to touch, feel and shape the future of systems of law and justice” which fit well with the idea of an interactive physical visualisation. This was presented in the Data Room — a collective space for exploring how law and justice-related data can be visualised to create awareness.


From this exploration, I learned the possible effects of interactive elements in a physical visualisation. The audience engagement is particularly amplified when the visualisation becomes part of a collective space and is presented in a playful environment.
Feedback received from the audience during the event.