Priti Pandurangan

Over the past week, I dedicated time to observing, documenting, and presenting multi-sensory information. I have also been preparing for our upcoming dissertation work in progress show.

As part of my dissertation research work, I am maintaining a small book of scores where I put down various prompts designed to observe & explore the characteristics of a place.

At this stage, I am attempting to bring together the techniques I have learnt from different practitioners operating within a similar space. I selected a specific place and extensively observed it, documenting the diverse sensory experiences it presented during that moment in time.

I collated all my data and began visualising slices of this sensory experience and resulting patterns that emerged.

I am reading Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks and thinking about potential vocabulary that allows for articulating subjective encounters more vividly and how this might uncover unique perspectives and ways of experiencing sensory stimuli. I derived a visual vocabulary for each sensory channel & experimented with risograph printing because of the graininess, sharpness and close to hand-drawn quality that it offers.

In our session this week, we looked at mutual learning as a core tenet in participatory design. I identified archives, practice-led research and invitation to participate as areas most relevant to my own project and categorised the work I have been doing accordingly.