Joyful Data

Make happy little data visuals


Joyful Data is a tool for making beautiful data-driven graphics. Bring your own datasets, design custom visuals in a live, interactive editor and save & share for fun, profit and universal glory. Joyful Data is built with Joy.js, a wonderful library by Nicky Case.
Bring your own dataset
Start with your own dataset. Import from anywhere — a GitHub gist, or anywhere there are free roaming JSONs.
Create beautiful data graphics
Use the live, interactive editor to build custom data graphics. Change anything: shapes, colors, transforms. No coding mojo necessary.
Save & share
Download your work as an image or save a link to share over the interwebs.
Bring some joy to your data
An earlier iteration of the tool begin with using p5.js to draw on a canvas.
Parameters can connected to data and tweaked interactively.
An example data graphic built with the tool.

Response to the Project

Duncan Geere wrote about his experience using the tool. Bhanu Kamapantula provided thoughtful feedback and has also created a repository for collecting Joyful Data recipes.