Priti Pandurangan

A week spent at the letterpress studio - walking the press, talking to the press, and listening to the press.

Developing our visual + sound poetry, I focused on prototyping layouts, typesetting my compositions and printing them.

The process of manually setting type was iterative and required a great deal of focus and patience.

Every step of the way, there is precision, but there is also room for chance, and the process guided my design decisions. I actively sought out the hissing sounds of the roller and the clicks of the carriage. Letterpress is demanding but a truly embodied & mindful experience.

After tons of proofing, adjustments and test prints, I printed out the final versions in beautiful Pantone colors. Each of the individual compositions taught me a different aspect of typesetting.

The letterpress studio at London College of Communication is a testament to the college's rich printing history. I am grateful to the technicians for sharing knowledge, their patience and continued guidance.