Priti Pandurangan

This week has been about soldering, stop motion animation, book & paper prototyping, experimental printmaking and "inspiration gazing".

Before our session with micro:bit, I did some soldering at the creative technology lab after nearly a decade.

Our collaborative work in partnership with UN Women in Georgia has been taking shape. Given the context of the brief and the final outcome's presence on social media, we chose animation as our approach.

We finalised our insights and iterated on a few stop-motion animation ideas after arriving at a suitable metaphor and design direction.

This time around, I spent a day at the letterpress studio relief printing textures from materials.

I also had a great time prototyping with paper and making books. I'm curious about how the design of books like dos a dos can lend themselves to presenting narratives and counter-narratives.

Being at the opening of Tyler Hobbs' exhibition, Mechanical Hand, and hearing him discuss the analogue aspects of his work was very inspiring for my own generative art practice.