Priti Pandurangan

Gearing up for the final week of term! We shared our reflections on peer collaboration. I value the variety in perspectives and what we could share during the process.

We also began recording the frames for our stop-motion animation this week.

At the book arts studio, I learned about hot foiling techniques and how the process varies depending on the colours and materials used.

I attended a workshop on tangible interactions and explored using an Arduino and Servo motor to make interactive paper sculptures. I enjoyed using computing to transform hand made objects into interactive, kinetic sculptures.

In our programming session, I tinkered around with Micro:bit, potentiometers, LEDs and photoresistors to see how one's input data could be used to display a bar chart or control the number of lights on an LED strip. I'm excited about getting my hands dirty with physical computing again and testing its affordances in my projects.

Looking forward to what the summer term has in store!