Priti Pandurangan

We've just begun the summer term, and I've been immersed in research on personal geographies and sensescapes this week. We also presented our design outcome to our partners (UN Women Georgia) and discussed plans for an upcoming work-in-progress show.

In response to the partner brief, our group designed a data sculpture that would highlight the nested effects of demographic on women's entrepreneurial journey in Georgia.

We envisioned this as a mobile kinetic sculpture depicting the imbalance caused by demographic factors such as region, age, and marital status, and how they affect women from having an internet presence.

We presented our outcome to UN Women where we had visualised their findings about challenges women entrepreneurs face in Georgia.

Meanwhile, I have been reading about personal geographies and the nature of multi-sensory experiences in the perception of a place towards my thesis research. I am working on my research inquiry and thinking about how I could potentially contribute to the discourse around the subject.