Priti Pandurangan

This week kicked off the autumn term, and I feel excitement with a dash of nerves about what’s in store.

I dove straight into my dissertation work and spent considerable time crafting a compelling introduction that would set the tone for my research project. I also revisited and refined my research inquiry.

Over the summer break, I've been working on a framework for observing and collecting sensory data, continually testing and fine-tuning it.

This process has helped me steer my project in potential directions. In our session this week, I shared my ideas with my peers and tutor, and receiving their feedback has been invaluable to the development of my work.

Later in the week, I attended this month’s Future of Code meet-up and got a chance to see some remarkable projects. I particularly loved Philipp Legner’s demo of Mathigon, an interactive tool making Math fun. It was one of those demos that leave a lasting impression.