Priti Pandurangan

This week's been a whirlwind, with so much happening as I tackled challenges leading up to the looming deadline. My main focus has been to turn my ideas for the digital experience into a tangible reality. It's been a pretty intense process — long hours, focus, and back-and-forth talking, trying to figure things out. It's been a grind, but satisfying to see things come together, bit by bit.

The digital experience is designed to allow users to choose specific themes and explore data from my sensory walks as views — journeys, connections and typologies.

Once I had the different views working, I focused on the finer details — interactivity on hover and select states, fluid and seamless adaptability of the visualisation for different screen sizes and accessibility considerations.

Working side by side with Ajith has been both enlightening and demanding. We've encountered hurdles that required creative problem-solving, and the learning curve has been steep. Amidst the complexities, there's been a constant ebb and flow of emotions – from the frustration of technical glitches to the elation of overcoming a particularly tricky hurdle. It's in these moments of fluctuating emotions that I've discovered a reservoir of resilience within myself.

This process has had me pushing the boundaries of my understanding and forcing me to adapt on the fly. Ajith's insights and expertise have been invaluable, shaping the project in ways I hadn't initially envisioned. Looking back, I can see the strides made in both the project and my own capabilities.

I also attended a mesmerising performance by Ryoji Ikeda & Rachika Nayar at the Barbican. The experience was nothing short of mind blowing, and I find myself still processing the profound impact it had on me. This served as a welcome respite from the demanding academic routine I've been immersed in.