Priti Pandurangan

This week has been all about going on data walks recording sounds of London, prototyping iterations for the digital experience as part of my dissertation outcome and making final edits to my thesis draft.

I've been out and about in London, walking and recording sounds for my research. I captured everything from the usual hustle of footsteps on busy streets to the distant hum of city life. It's been an interesting way to experience the city and gather data for my work.

I spent a good chunk of my week working on different variations of the visualisation. Collaborating with Ajith on the interactive digital experience has been pretty amazing. He's got a knack for turning my wild ideas into something real and ten times faster. Ajith built an awesome parametric tool for me to prototype the visualisation views and it proved instrumental in achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Having this system made things smoother. We could bounce ideas back and forth easily, testing and tweaking things as we went along. This not only brought order to my initial thoughts but also made the whole process more efficient. So, all in all, it's been a week of balancing creativity with the nitty-gritty tech stuff and setting up a solid base for the interactive visual experience.

At the same time, I've been knee-deep in the final edits of my thesis. The culmination of months of research, analysis, and reflection, this journey has been a real ride! Going through each paragraph with a fine-tooth comb and making sure my arguments make sense has been a meticulous task but it brought a sense of accomplishment and closure as I approached the finish line.

Everything I've been doing — my research, fieldwork, and academic writing has informed each other. Just seeing how all these different parts connect has been pretty inspiring and a reminder of how everything I'm learning is intertwined in some way and has come together to make something interesting.

As the week winds down, I'm pumped for the last stretch of my dissertation.