Priti Pandurangan

This week has been all about celebrations and the Information Plus conference at Edinburgh.

We all gathered to share our work and celebrate our hand-ins.

I bid farewell to all my reference books, returning them to the library.

That also meant I could pick up the next book I’ve been eagerly waiting to read. Following Zach Lieberman's earlier summer recommendation, I finally got to reading When the Machine Made Art.

Arriving in Edinburgh for the three-day conference, I marvelled at the city’s charm.

The conference was held at the Pleasance Theatre, a listed building with gorgeous architecture.

On the first day, Henrietta, Carla & I delivered a workshop on data ethics that received positive responses from participants. We used the workshop as an opportunity to nudge them to discuss & evaluate store card data collection practices. Equipping them with visualisation tools, we prompted ethical considerations in evaluating these practices.

The following days were all about going around Edinburgh with Henrietta, meeting familiar and new faces, the conference dinner, some Scottish dance, and, of course, absorbing all the inspiring talks & exhibits!

I’m also expanding my collection of signed book copies.

Looking forward to working on the graduate showcase next week!