Priti Pandurangan

The final week! It has been all about testing, setting up & installing our works, honorable mentions and bidding farewell to everyone.

Earlier this week, I encoded all the keepsake cards to the corresponding data for the intangible interaction element of my installation. I then tested it out with the Arduino setup. I also printed out the instructions on vinyl for the fabricated Arduino enclosure.

I produced a set of generative takeaway cards for the show.

Working alongside the exhibition and AV team to install the screen and shelf required for my arrangement, I carefully ensured everything was in place.

And, I was finally all set for the opening & Industry breakfast! The installation featured a digital experience, a tangible interaction setup consisting of an Arduino reader and a box of keepsake cards, a trackpad, a pair of headphones, my process journal & a small diary for the audience to leave their thoughts.

Some snaps from the showcase

Receiving positive feedback and engaging in thoughtful discussions about the subject during the graduate show was an absolutely amazing experience! I will hold dear all the wonderful words that people shared in my book.

I am also thrilled that the project received an honorable mention in this year's Pudding Cup. Check out their picks for the best visual and data-driven stories of 2023.

As the term came to a close, I returned the last remaining book. It was an emotional moment, considering the library had provided the space for me to explore numerous inspiring books.

And, that’s a wrap! I am grateful to my tutors, family, friends, and the amazing individuals I've encountered, making this experience both worthwhile and beautiful.