Priti Pandurangan

An interactive website that archives a curated collection of seats and seating culture in India.

This experience is an extension of essays from the book From the Frugal to the Ornate: Stories of the Seat in India.

Chairs data categorised by themes and associations
Information Architecture
Iteration — the first pass at visualising all hundred chairs
Iteration — visualising chairs based on themes and tags
Iteration — visualising chairs based on themes and tags
Custom cursor animation

The website not only presents the eight chapters from the book as themes, but also depicts an alternative selection of views – as a listing of 100 chairs in a grid & as an interactive, playful visualisation. A ‘stories’ tab invites participation from viewers to share anecdotes and observations. The intent is to encourage discovery, self curation of the content and ultimately look at seats and seating in a new light.


  • Research partners: Godrej Archives & Hanno
  • Design partners: Hanno & GPaul
  • Web design & data visualisation: Priti Pandurangan
  • Web development: Ajith Ranka


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