Priti Pandurangan

It was all about going back to the basics this week. We focused on mark-making, gestalt psychology in visual design and semiotic theory in language.

Digging deeper into Jacques Bertin's visual variables and pre-attentive attributes as defined by Colin Ware, we experimented and reflected on the nuance and impact of a visual composition.

We moved on to experiment with materials to visualise certainty and uncertainty. I used a brayer and played with the pressure and graininess to visualise degrees in uncertainty.

Following this, we explored with different organic and machine-made textures and presented our work with our peers to exchange ideas.

The analog and spontaneous nature of these exercises have been refreshing.

We had a fantastic session with Tizianna Alocci as part of a workshop series, learning about her information design process. Duncan Swain from Beyond Words Studio came over as guest speaker and spoke about his practice and process. He shared work and ideas on how data can be used for good and act a catalyst for positive change.