Priti Pandurangan

This week has been about our course exhibition titled Subjective Objects.

After getting the posters up across the campus, I helped preparing the venue and coordinating the audiovisual arrangement for the show. Once all the plinths & equipment had arrived, we began painting and moving them to their designated areas. The AV and events team at LCC were warm and accommodative of our needs.

Once the monitors were installed, we tested each piece of equipment to ensure a seamless setup for the following day.

I proceeded to work on my installation, and Jesse was extremely gracious to help me with the setup.

Paying close attention to detail, ensuring that each item was properly aligned, lit, and secured, this was a taxing but rewarding experience.

I showcased two of my works:

Threads of Comfort In this project, I try to capture the small everyday choices that bring the feeling of comfort & familiarity and explore ways of surfacing the varied but similar notions of human comfort. I allowed the visitors to interact with the piece to see how their comfort data is encoded & what shape it takes.

Slow Choke of Fast Fashion This was a data installation that compared our near ravenous appetite for cheap polyester clothes fuelled by fast fashion brands against the slowness of it’s discard and decay. The discord in this work captures the contrasts between fast and slow, the shortness of our desires and the longness of their consequences.

I interacted with the audience, shared my creative process, inspiration behind the works & the techniques that I used to bring them to life. This opened the doors for feedback and led to some interesting discussions and insights. Overall, these interactions helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the impact of such work and provided a valuable opportunity to connect with others.

That’s a wrap!