Priti Pandurangan

A week of lovely conversations, printing, energy-centred design and more D3 & physical computing.

Early this week, I met with Dr. Alison Prendiville in person to discuss a project collaboration. Conversations with her have helped me develop fresh perspectives on the significance of data visualisation & design within health and science environments.

I enjoyed spending a day at the letterpress studio doing some blindfolded mark making followed by a modular printing workshop led by Will Mower.

After being introduced to the to the Solar Protocol project and having a conversation with one of its founders, Alex Nathanson, we have turned our attention towards energy-centric design and how data visualisation and design can play a part in it. I studied their API briefly and explored ways of representing this data. I am also looking at user interfaces and websites that are parameterised and run on data from servers powered by solar energy.