Priti Pandurangan

This week has been about ambient sounds, fabricating data art, reading, thinking and writing about design & data ethics and working on a participatory sensory data walk kit.

At the start of this week, I attended a guest talk by Shrey Kathuria, whose work I am a big fan of. Given the intersection of my own practice, it was serendipitous to listen to him speak about the impact of ambient listening, psychogeography and memories in his creative process.

For my course leader’s birthday, I designed and fabricated a data art gift inspired by Josef Albers’ Concentric Squares (1941). I visually encoded the name, birth date & month and laser engraved it on Birch plywood.

I’ve been reading Manuel Lima’s latest book The New Designer and it resonated deeply with my own perspectives on design and data ethics. This has been pretty relevant in shaping my thoughts as I work on the ethics section of my dissertation.

I also took some time this week to document my design research process.

For my disseration research, I am working on a collective sensory data walk and mapping workshop. I have begun sketching out ideas for a zine booklet meant for this activity.